Battered Hat Productions

Who Are we?

We are a co-operative group of performers (not exclusive) based around south east Kent, UK who love theatre and any kind of performance. We produce a variety of content for radio and stage.

Where To Find Us

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Pharaoh Must Die!

Treasonous plot to usurp the throne in favour if a new king. The two royal wives fight for their lives and that of their sons but so many are caught in their desire for power. Who will win and at what cost?

Dramatised from a true story.

Recording broadcast 7pm on 5th April on Dover Community Radio, YouTube, Spotify, Mixcloud and Soundcloud. Dover Community Radio (DCR) is on 104.9Fm and online

Maya - Sasha Ravencroft
Tyti - Fi Woof
Narrator - Andi Dawson
Pebamen - Kevin Groves

Written, edited and produced by Kevin Groves

Our Objectives & Ethos

We are a co-operative and follow that ethos as well as our specific performance objectives.